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Mandarinka, Bumbutoys

590 Kč
Kategorie: Hračky, stavebnice, hry - Dle věku/tématu/ značky
Věk: 0-3 let, 3-5 let, 5-8 let
Materiál: Dřevo
Značka: Bumbutoys

Tangerine is one of the favorite fruits of most children, sweet and full of the taste of winter holidays. Summer is being hunted for the long-awaited white cakes.
Even if our tangerine is made of wood, you can make summer salads, you can sell it at the imaginary stall or even out of wood, too, from the toy corner.

Playing with this wooden toy, young children can learn colors, develop fine motor skills, balance, learn to count, learn and understand the meaning of the concept of smaller.

and "bigger".

Older children can build very beautiful and interesting structures using this wooden toy, such as pyramids, garages for toy cars, tunnels for a path railways, bridges, toy animal houses.

This toy is so beautiful and can decorate every child's room. Put it in an observable place and you will see how cheerful the room will look and how much you will enjoy just looking at it!

It is a handmade wooden toy (made in Romania from wooden maple), colored with 100% NON-toxic paints.

Natural wood, 100% NON-toxic paints, made in Romania by us.x000D
Every child and his mother fall in love with this eco toy from wood at first sight!

Manadarinadin wooden toy is composed of 7 elements.


Matriál dřevo / wood