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BOX OF RAINBOW PARADISE MARBLES - minibox - kuličky Billes & Co.

  • Skladem
460 Kč
Kategorie: Hračky, stavebnice, hry - Dle věku/tématu/ značky
Věk: 3-5 let, 5-8 let, 8-11 let
Ambrosius: Billes & Co.
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Mini-box of 25 Rainbow marbles containing 5 varieties of marbles:
  • 25 balls of 16 mm


  • Marbles selected from among the finest in the world, sorted and arranged by hand
  • Colorful and thematic assemblies, in playful and graphic universes


  • Contemplate, marvel, meditate
  • Reconnect with the materiality of the world with a screenless game
  • Play in a context conducive to the expression of the imagination


  • Organize to structure thought, develop memory
  • Develop an aesthetic vocabulary (colors, shapes, textures)
  • Stimulate the imagination, promote poetic correspondences
  • Exercise motor skills, agility, dexterity


  • French concept and design
  • Shaping and handcrafting in France, at Atelier B&Co (colored papers and storage of marbles)
  • 100% recyclable product
  • Cardboard box, paper compartments, glass balls: Natural materials are in the spotlight!