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Flowers - Tulipány, 5 ks

  • Skladem
1 299 Kč
Kategorie: Hračky, stavebnice, hry - Dle věku/tématu/ značky
Věk: 0-3 let, 3-5 let, 5-8 let
Materiál: Dřevo
Ambrosius: Raduga Grez

Sada dřevěných tulipánu a váziček. 

Rozměr tulipánu:  32 x 23 x 12 cm


Tulips: 5 blooming flowers with 5 matching coloured vases.

What an incredible set, part of the newest Flower Collection. This collection is about love, fragility and art. Childhood is similar to flowers, it is beautiful and fleeting. Therefore it must be cared for and admired. "As each flower needs light, water and soil, each person needs love, understanding and air".

We can have a flower shop or pretend to be a florist, mix and matching the flowers in the vases. It can be used as a still life for children to draw. Parents can also talk to children about what helps flowers grow and how to take care of as care, love and attention to help it grow.