Velký strom, Bumbutoys

325 Kč
Kategorie: Předobjednávka Bumbutoys
Věk: 0-3 let, 3-5 let, 5-8 let
Materiál: Dřevo
Značka: Bumbutoys

A tree to hide behind, a tree to climb, a tree to run around and a tree to nap under. So many possibilities to explore and adventures to begin, by adding a new element in your playscapes suddenly all your animals have so much more to do!

Bumbu figurines are made of Romanian wood, pure handicrafts, here in Romania. Each product represents a unique piece designed with love and care. Thus, our toys offer children the opportunity to immerse themselves in the imaginary world of live play. All materials used in production are certified. They guarantee not only the highest quality toys, but also the safety of your child while playing with them.

Material Maple wood
Size 13cm x 19cm x 3cm